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Bangalore , India


Well, nothing beats a curious and dedicated soul. So we aren’t so hung-up on your qualification. At a minimum, you need to be actively following atleast 2 of the below mentioned areas in order to be a part of NextBigWhat.com team. Experience in Journalism is a definite plus.

Role Description

We are hiring full-time writers/correspondents/bloggers for covering following segments:

  • Digital Industry (1 Opening)
  • Startups/Entrepreneurship/Investment (1 Opening)
  • Coverage of Gadgets/Mobile/Tablets etc (1 Opening)
  • Coverage of Telecom/VAS/Mobile/Internet world (1 Opening)
  • Coverage of Enterprise Software/SAAS etc (1 Opening)

Keywords that define the role: #ActivelySeeking, #Analyze, #Learner, #Committed #PerspectiveBuilder

PS : We aren't actively looking at experienced journalists, unless you bring a lot of perspective to the table.